Diamonds are available to everyone! This exhibition in Zhengzhou will help you realize “Carat weight freedom”

Why are lab-grown diamonds so popular? How should China's Lab Grown diamond industry develop in the future? On the afternoon of September 19, at the Shangqiu Special Event of the 2023 Diamond Industry Conference, Zhu Guangyu, founder of Diamond Observer and senior diamond and jewelry industry expert, shared a theme called "A Diamond is For Everyone" The report tells everyone the answers to these questions.


"What is the significance of lab-grown diamonds? It can give people more choices. They are exactly the same in terms of physics and chemistry. Natural diamonds cannot meet our ever-changing and diversified needs, while lab-grown diamonds are Yes." Zhu Guangyu said that young people represent the future. If young people can believe that diamonds can be owned by everyone, then the market will definitely grow.

Of course, the current Chinese lab grown diamond market also has some disadvantages, such as blind expansion of production and passive price reduction, lack of scale in cutting, lack of independence in the price system, and weak marketing.

In response to these problems, Zhu Guangyu also put forward his own suggestions, "First of all, we must coordinate production capacity, open up information channels between upstream, midstream and downstream, and establish an information communication mechanism. When upstream manufacturers can clearly understand the downstream trends, they will naturally make wise decisions. secondly, we must develop a large number of automated cutting and grinding to achieve localization and scale of cutting; at the same time, cultivated diamonds should develop an independent price coefficient table based on RMB to reasonably interact with natural diamonds." Zhu Guangyu called on enterprises They should invest together to establish general marketing, lay a solid retail foundation, and pay more attention to the downstream market.

If lab-grown diamond companies want to reduce costs and increase efficiency, cutting and grinding will be an insurmountable link.

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