Does Chinese lab grown diamonds have fluorescent or not?

The fluorescence of Lab Grown diamonds is the light emitted under the stimulation of ultraviolet light. Fluorescence and color are closely related. Cultured diamonds can reflect the colorful light of light to form colorful flashes. The lighter the color, the stronger the flashing color.


Many Lab Grown diamonds cannot emit fluorescence, but there are also some artificially Lab Grown diamonds that can also emit fluorescence at wavelengths. According to relevant data, GIA graded more than 26,000 diamonds and compared them. When tested under standard long-wave ultraviolet light, only Only about 25-35% of lab-grown diamonds will emit diamond fluorescence, so it is normal to see lab-grown diamonds that do not fluoresce.

The fluorescence of  Lab Grown diamonds cannot be detected. It can only be detected under ultraviolet irradiation and the fluorescence intensity is high enough. The detection structure of GIA certificates will detect the fluorescence component in order to confirm the consistency between the report and the actual object.

Diamond fluorescence does not belong to the 4C standards of diamond quality. The so-called 4Cs are color, clarity, cut and weight. The GIA testing agency refers to fluorescence as an identifying characteristic, which is additional information that distinguishes different diamonds. The GIA identification report describes the fluorescence intensity as none, weak, medium, strong, and very strong. Once it meets the requirements of medium, strong and very strong, the fluorescent color will be marked on the certificate.

Fluorescence does not affect the scintillation of lab grown diamonds, which depends on the cut of the diamond. Diamond cut refers to the angle and relative dimensions of the facets. Diamond proportions, design, and craftsmanship will all affect the sparkle of the diamond.

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